Supporting Quality Payment Program Performance

Optimizing Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Scores

We help you customize your MIPS strategy for a return on investment that includes but exceeds MIPS bonuses.

Delivering cost savings and quality measure performance to ACOs and sponsors of other Alternate Payment Model entities

Supporting BPCI Conveners and ACOs in delivering the cost savings and quality improvement that provide for financial success

Facilitating Physician/Hospital Alignment

Value-based payment programs are very different for hospitals and physicians, and there are an infinite number of ways to address programs’ demands. Unfortunately, the strategies that hospitals and physicians use can easily work against the other. Strategic System Solutions works with hospital and medical practice staff to make their quality programs work in harmony, not dissonance.

Medicare Data Analysis

Achieving value in pulling and analyzing free CMS data about your TIN and patients.

Supporting BPCI Advanced engagement and process standardization

BPCI Convener success will depend on engagement of the right partners, strong program definition and management by healthcare-savvy individuals, clear communication planning and execution, and risk control for all participants. Strategic System Solutions can help you in each of these areas.

Quality Measure Development

In its quest for Meaningful Measures, CMS issues a Call for New Measures on an annual basis. SSS has the healthcare information technology talent and regulatory understanding to help professional associations and/or clinician networks to develop  measures that are meaningful to their patients and practical for implementation within certified EMR systems.

Health Information Exchange

Streamlining workflow to close the referral loop

Cost-effective simplification of the exchange of referrals and specialist  reports between doctors, in different organizations, to reduce practice expense and contribute to MIPS success.

Process Engineering

Process Engineering

Delivering custom projects in workflow and electronic health record optimization.